I have decided to start a new blog. Go to: Angela and Nero’s Blog to see it. =3

I’ll be adding all my old stories to the blog list of things Angela and Nero read and would love for you guys to read it if you’re still even reading anyway.

It’s still in the works of being made, though.


2 Responses to Home

  1. SGIFTP says:

    Use google chrome, it will translate foreign sites. Sponge might have told you that if she’s helping you, cuz she’s the one that told me.

    • Angel says:

      Even with Google Chrome I couldn’t find it. Luckily Sponge found what I was looking for in her files when I asked about the default eye replacement she uses. =3

      Yeah, I know that Google Chrome does that. Google Translate does, too. I just need to find the way to download the second set of scars and stuff, but the first set works for what I planned. xD

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