Other Legacies and Stories!

Alright, so these are other legacies that I’m reading, have read, or have added me to their list of legacies so I’m adding them and reading theirs. =3

It’s doubling as my to-do list…. XD

Caught up- ~
In progress- |

And Then It Rained…. – ~

Bloodlust (Mature readers only)- ~

Dark Moon Legacy – ~

Different Rain– ~

Heart of Insanity (Mature readers only) – ~

Insanity Doesn’t Compare (Terrey ISBI) – ~

Platinum (Mature readers only) – ~

The Lee Legacy– ~

The Stone Rainbowcy – ~


2 Responses to Other Legacies and Stories!

  1. Rainie92 says:

    Awwwwwww there it is my little Darkmoon legacy love it XD

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